Improve your health — starting with digestion

Through select employers, the GIThrive Program is offered as a benefit at no cost to you.

GIThrive is a program to help you improve your health — starting with digestion. It includes an app, unlimited access to your Health Coach and Registered Dietitian over the phone or video, and a free GutCheck microbiome kit. It’s all done from home – and at no cost to you!

Registered Dietitian

One-on-one, personalized help with all things food — identifying symptom triggers, meal planning, recipes, nutrition tips, and improving overall gut health.
“My Dietitian is amazing. She has made a huge difference in my life with the pointers and encouragement to make the necessary changes to my diet. Absolutely amazing!”

“My Dietitian is practical, easy to understand, and
insightful. I appreciate her answering my
questions, addressing my concerns, and providing me with direction. Her compassion mixed with her
expertise is a fantastic combination.”

Health Coach

Help with stress, goal setting, exercise, medication management, and making positive changes that last.
“My Health Coach made me feel extremely comfortable so quickly! He makes me excited about what can happen, and he makes me feel as though my goals are achievable!”
“I feel my coach really cares and offers techniques that I can incorporate in my daily routine. I already recommended the program to my coworkers. Thank you!”

GutCheck is an at-home microbiome analysis of YOUR microbiome. You’ll find out how your gut bacteria
compares to others. Your Dietitian will evaluate your
results, current diet, and symptoms to work with you to
create a plan to help you feel your best.


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